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Please don’t forget to consult with an experienced unlocking web store to fix your problem. Kindly prepare yourself first since Mobile unlocking is actually very classy and technical issue. Your mobile phone may permanently damage/lock while attempting wrong code several times to unlock. Dedicated web stores hire skilled engineers to provide support. Therefore, think before you spend!!! We provide 100% safety and surety that we will unlock your phone with ultimate safety.

LG L-07C P970 Optimus Black Network Unlock Code

LG L-07C P970 Optimus Black Network Unlock Code Webutation
Brand: LG
Processing Time: 10 Minutes to 4 Hours.
Service Status: Online
Price: $10.00

* Locked Network Name::



Please type *#06# on your phone to get The IMEI Number.

Do not waste your time looking for cheap solution because too many incorrect attempts can make your phone permanently blocked
We have only one correct code that works on the first attempt and the first test and we are open 24 / 7 including holidays.

Customer Satisfaction is our prime concern, since we value your “Time & Money”!!

we are offering lowest price and exclusive solution to unlock your phone

Any LG L-07C P970 Phone from any network world wide supported including NTT docomo,au,SoftBank Mobile,Willcom,EMOBILE,Disney Mobile Japan & SK Telecom,KT,LG U+ Korea networks. 
This is the safest service to unlock your LG LG L-07C P970 phone as easy as A,B,C… 


   How does it work?

 A)Place an order with the IMEI and currently LOCKED network name.                  

 ( please take the IMEI by typing *#06# from phone )

 B) We will process the unlock code and send it to your email with easy instructions.
 C) Follow our clear instructions to input the unlocking code and phone will be unlocked within few seconds! 


How to enter code in the LG L-07C P970 Optimus Black?

1.Turn on the phone with different network sim card.
2.If you insert lock Sim card and the phone ask, "enter Sim's pin," you must enter Sim's pin
3.Phone will ask for one of the following codes:
              ●network unlock code/NP Code
              ● network subset unlock code
              ●service provider unlock code
              ●Network control key
              ●SIM unlock code               
3.Enter the Unlock CODE you received from
4.The phone is now unlocked.
1. Power on your LG phone with the original SIM card in.
2. Enter 2945#*970# or 3845#*07#
3. A menu will pop up, select SIM Unlock or network lock.
4. Enter your NCK unlock code receive from and hit OK.
5. Your LG phone may automatically reboot.


How Long does it take?
 Usually it takes around 10-30 minutes to process the unlock code but sometimes it can take
up to 5-6 hours after payment clearing.


You don't need to ship your phone to us. Unlocking is done from your Home.

Please feel free if you have any query:)


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● We process our Unlock Code remotely & with EASY instructions!
 ● NO need to send your phone or cables needed (without nokia phones).!
 ● Fast,Cheap & Easy Delivery Service.
 ● SMS notification Service.
 ● NO damage to your phone, like software unlocking or generic universal codes.
 ● NO need to be a technician or computer knowledge
 ● NO VOIDING your manufacture warranty.
 ● You have nothing to lose, 100% Money Back Guaranteed.
 ● If your code does not works, we will issue a refund immediately.
 ● It is not a temporary unlock, The unlock code supplied to you will permanently unlock your device.
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